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Attachment R8.S-so_Schorr_PMENA06_F.pdf.jpg2006Improving mathematics achievement across a high poverty inner city school districtSchorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.; Gearhart, Darleen L.; Samuels, May L.
Attachment R8.P-PP_PMENA07_Arias.pdf.jpg2007Investigating students' movement to generalization and abstraction Using Dienes' "learning cycle"Arias, Cecilia C.; Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Schorr Epstein Warner  Arias_2010b.pdf.jpg2010Mathematical truth and social consequences: The intersection of affect and cognition in a middle school classroomSchorr, Roberta Y.; Epstein, Yakov M.; Warner, Lisa B.; Arias, Cecilia C.
AERA 2010 Epstein Goldin Schorr, Capraro, et al Final.pdf.jpg2010-04Measuring engagement structures in middle-grades urban mathematics classroomsEpstein, Yakov M.; Goldin, Gerald A.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Capraro, Robert; Capraro, Mary Margaret; Warner, Lisa B.
Attachment R8.Q-PP_Ramkissoon_PMENAFInal.pdf.jpg2007Non-mathematical aspects of mathematical problem solving in urban classroomsRamkissoon, Larry; Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Warner & Schorr-AMTE 2015 final.pdf.jpg2015-02Responding to students’ mathematical thinking when you don’t know how to respondWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Attachment R8.Y-eacher questions_Warner&Illaria.pdf.jpg2007Student behaviors and ways they are associated with the problem solving processWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Schorr Warner & Arias_PME08.pdf.jpg2008-07When students disagree: Engagement and understanding in an urban middle school math classSchorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.; Arias, Cecilia C.
AERA 2010 Rossman Schorr Warner_Working with a Partner.pdf.jpg2010-04Working with a partner: An investigation of student engagement in an middle school math classroomRossman, Cathleen F.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.