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Attachment R8.R-rrPMENAWarner et al 2006.pdf.jpg2006How do changes in teacher behaviors impact the linking of representations and generalizations in students?Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Arias, Cecilia; Sanchez, Lina; Endaya, Frances
WarnerJMBpaper_7_17_08.pdf.jpg2008How do students' behaviors relate to the growth of their mathematical ideas?Warner, Lisa B.
Warner, Alcock, Coppolo, Dav PME 2003.pdf.jpg2003How does flexible mathematical thinking contribute to the growth of understanding?Warner, Lisa B.; Alcock, Lara J.; Coppolo, Joseph, Jr.; Davis, Gary E.
Attachment R8.S-so_Schorr_PMENA06_F.pdf.jpg2006Improving mathematics achievement across a high poverty inner city school districtSchorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.; Gearhart, Darleen L.; Samuels, May L.
Attachment R8.P-PP_PMENA07_Arias.pdf.jpg2007Investigating students' movement to generalization and abstraction Using Dienes' "learning cycle"Arias, Cecilia C.; Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Schorr Epstein Warner  Arias_2010b.pdf.jpg2010Mathematical truth and social consequences: The intersection of affect and cognition in a middle school classroomSchorr, Roberta Y.; Epstein, Yakov M.; Warner, Lisa B.; Arias, Cecilia C.
AERA 2010 Epstein Goldin Schorr, Capraro, et al Final.pdf.jpg2010-04Measuring engagement structures in middle-grades urban mathematics classroomsEpstein, Yakov M.; Goldin, Gerald A.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Capraro, Robert; Capraro, Mary Margaret; Warner, Lisa B.
Attachment R8.Q-PP_Ramkissoon_PMENAFInal.pdf.jpg2007Non-mathematical aspects of mathematical problem solving in urban classroomsRamkissoon, Larry; Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Warner & Schorr-AMTE 2015 final.pdf.jpg2015-02Responding to students’ mathematical thinking when you don’t know how to respondWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Attachment R8.Y-eacher questions_Warner&Illaria.pdf.jpg2007Student behaviors and ways they are associated with the problem solving processWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.
Schorr Warner & Arias_PME08.pdf.jpg2008-07When students disagree: Engagement and understanding in an urban middle school math classSchorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.; Arias, Cecilia C.
AERA 2010 Rossman Schorr Warner_Working with a Partner.pdf.jpg2010-04Working with a partner: An investigation of student engagement in an middle school math classroomRossman, Cathleen F.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.