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13_00146-00.pdf.jpg1978-08-11Feasability study: Partial restoration of Hobart Manor (Haledon Hall)-
13_00147-00.pdf.jpg1978-08-11Feasibility study - Haledon Hall (partial restoration) William Paterson College, Wayne, N.J.Detwiller, Charles H., Jr.
13-00135-00.pdf.jpg1976-06-01Federal register vol. 41 no. 106-
Friquegnon-Finding_Happiness.pdf.jpg2021Finding Happiness While Being GoodFriquegnon, Marie
23_00233-00-small.pdf.jpg1948First floor plan - measured drawing-
Lisa,_Joe,Gary_PME_2002.pdf.jpg2002-07Flexible Mathematical ThoughtWarner, Lisa B.; Coppolo, Joseph, Jr.; Davis, Gary E.
Warner_Schorr_Davis_ZDM_May_19_2009.pdf.jpg2009Flexible use of symbolic tools for problem solving, generalization, and explanationWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Davis, Gary E.
Photo 138.jpg.jpg1995-09The footbridge over Pompton Road at William Paterson College in 1995-
wpuSlides_0256derived.jpg.jpg1966-05Former Paterson State College president Dr. Marion E. Shea, in blue and seated next to podium, attends a school reunion in 1966-
wpuSlides_0260derived.jpg.jpg1973Former president Dr. Marion E. Shea at the inauguration of William McKeefery as the fourth president of William Paterson College in 1973-
Formier, mein Töpffer MODERN NOTATION.pdf.jpg2020-11-17Formier, mein TöpfferBach, Jeff; Herbert, Christopher D.
WPUPhotos_homecoming1983FootballGameStudents.jpg.jpg1983Four students keep warm at a William Paterson College football game during homecoming, 1983-
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0019.jpg.jpg2015-08-10Four students play badminton at the New Jersey State Teacher's College at Paterson-
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0018.jpg.jpg2015-08-10Four students play table tennis at the New Jersey State Teacher's College at Paterson-
Photo 191.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Four students socialize in a William Paterson College dorm room-
Photo 119.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Frank J. Zanfino, two time acting president of William Paterson College.-
Photo 109.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Frederick M. Raubinger, who served as New Jersey state commissioner of education from 1952 to 1966.-
Freud on Mind and Body.pdf.jpg2020-07-01Freud on Mind and BodySilverstein, Barry
Der frohe Tag bricht an MODERN NOTATION.pdf.jpg2020-11-17Der frohe Tag bricht anBach, Jeff; Herbert, Christopher D.
PMENA'04LWarner&RSchorr.pdf.jpg2004From primitive knowing to formalising: The role of student-to-student questioning in the development of mathematical understandingWarner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.