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11-00121-00-aaa-derivative.pdf.jpg1958Echoes of the Past-
wpuSlides_0019derived.jpg.jpg-Education professor Mark Karp gives a reading clinic at Paterson State College, 1957-
wpuSlides_0017derived.jpg.jpg-Education professor Mark Karp instructs pre-college age students during a reading clinic at Paterson State College, 1957-
Samuel_JournalofInformationTechnologyManagement_v28_no1-2.pdf.jpg2017The Effects of Technology Driven Information Categories on Performance in Electronic Trading MarketsSamuel, Jim; Holowczak, Richard; Pelaez, Alex
Photo 066D.jpg.jpg-Eleanor Roosevelt speaking at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson in 1956 (1 of 2)-
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0006.jpg.jpg-Eleanor Roosevelt speaking at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson in 1956 (2 of 2)-
EnergyExpenditureofObeseMenWalkingwithBodyWeightSupport.pdf.jpg2017-09Energy expenditure of obese men walking with body weight supportLaSala, Toni T.; Cola, Jordan; Figueroa, Michael A.; Pinto Zipp, Genevieve
Berg_EnhancingTheAssignment_C&RLNews.pdf.jpg2017-10Enhancing the assignment: Using the framework for student learning and assessment in a business law classBerg, Cara
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0012.jpg.jpg-The entrance way of Hobart Manor at William Paterson College-
Photo 174.jpg.jpg-Erin Monahan plays for the William Paterson College Pioneers' in 1990-
Poster Template.pdf.jpg2017-04-26Escape Room! In the LibraryMarks, Gary, Jr.
Photo 035.jpg.jpg-Estate of Paterson silk dyer Robert Gaede, Wayne, NJ.-
11_00113-00.pdf.jpg-Excerpts from Annual Reports 1945-1952 related to move of Paterson State Teachers College to Hobart EstateWightman, C. S.
11_00116-00.pdf.jpg-Excerpts from oral history of Hobart Manor and manuscript page of speech by Arnold Speert-
Photo 220.jpg.jpg-The expanded Hobart Hall at William Paterson University-
Attachment R8.W-pmena-Bulgar, Schorr and WarnerFINALa-Doc.pdf.jpg2004Extending and refining models for thinking about division of fractionsBulgar, Sylvia; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.
wpuSlides_0200derived.jpg.jpg-Exterior of Hunziker Hall and Hunziker Wing at Paterson State College, 1966-
wpuSlides_0095derived.jpg.jpg-Exterior of Hunziker Hall at Paterson State College, 1962-
wpuSlides_0006derived.jpg.jpg-Exterior of Hunziker Hall, Paterson State College, 1966-
wpuSlides_0069derived.jpg.jpg-Exterior of Hunziker Wing at Paterson State College, 1962 (1 of 4)-