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18_00185-00.pdf.jpg1991-11-19Letter from Lawrence Chalfin to Mary Ellen Kramer, November 19, 1991-
22_00231-00.pdf.jpg1989-04-12Letter from Mary Beth Zeman to Stephanie Stokes, April 12, 1989-
18_00168-00.pdf.jpg1989-12-18Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer regarding several fundrasing events-
18_00160-00.pdf.jpg1989-06-21Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer to Donald Lynch and Allison Chase-
2_0043-00.pdf.jpg1990-06-19Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer to Garret A. Hobart IV about Mark Russell fundraiser-
2_0042-00.pdf.jpg1991-06-18Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer to Garret A. Hobart IV regarding Hobart Manor furniture-
18_00171-00.pdf.jpg1989-12-20Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer to Larry Chalfin dated December 20th, 1989-
18_00164-00.pdf.jpg1988-08-31Letter from Mary Ellen Kramer to Prof. Al Lazarus regarding refurbishment of Hobart Manor-
6_0083-00b.pdf.jpg1975-11-13Letter from Mrs. Henry A. Kingsbury to Mrs. Virginia R. Randall, 1975-
18_00178-00.pdf.jpg1988-04-19Letter from Nancy Einreinhofer to Robert or Maureen Grady-
18_00179-00.pdf.jpg1990-01-20Letter from Peggy Woodhouse to Mary Ellen Kramer, January 20, 1990-
19_00193-00.pdf.jpg1990-01-12Letter from Robert Brubaker to Harriette C. Hawkins, January 12, 1990-
19_00196-00.pdf.jpg1979-05-09Letter from Semour Hyman to Robert A. Roe, May 9, 1979-
22_00232-00.pdf.jpg1974-10-16Letter from Virginia R. Randall to Mrs. Henry A. Kingsbury-
18_00161-00.pdf.jpg1990List of renovations to be done in dining and billiard rooms-
11_00119-00.pdf.jpg1952Looking backward 50 years ago, in 1902-
13_00141-00.pdf.jpg1976-05-28The "Manor" is a national historic site-
18_00186-00.pdf.jpg1899Map of Manchester Township, New Jersey with lots-
35_00347-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Map showing directions to Alisa Farms-
18_00166-00.pdf.jpg1989-05-10Memo from Mary Ellen Kramer regarding Hobart Manor fundraising event.-