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Title: Incorporating Student Choice in Second Grade Writing
Authors: O'Grady, Shannon Rose
Keywords: Teacher education;Instructional choice;Special education strategies;Student autonomy;Voice and choice;Education
Issue Date: Dec-2023
Publisher: William Paterson University
Abstract: This thesis investigates the integration of instructional choice into elementary writing instruction, focusing on its impact on second-grade special education students. The study addresses two primary research questions: 1) How does integrating student choice in elementary writing instruction impact second-grade special education students' writing quality? and 2) How are the motivation and engagement of students impacted while utilizing student choice in writing instruction? Findings indicate that instructional choice positively influences student engagement and motivation, aligning with previous research. Moreover, students demonstrated a mean writing quality improvement of 13.4%, emphasizing the potential of autonomy to enhance writing skills. This study highlights the importance of recognizing and respecting individual student differences in their responses to instructional choice. Aligned with Constructivist Learning Theory and Self-Determination Theory, this research highlights the active role of students in decision-making processes and the positive impact of autonomy on motivation. Recommendations include exploring long-term effects on larger study sizes, extending the study to other subjects, and providing a gradual introduction with ongoing support. This study contributes insights into student-centered education, offering practical implications for educators to create inclusive and empowering learning environments in elementary writing instruction for special education students.
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