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Photo 037.jpg.jpg1951The water tower adjacent to the Old Barn at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson-
wpuSlides_0016derived.jpg.jpg1966-10Wayne Hall and the Sarah Byrd Askew Library on the campus of Paterson State College, 1966-
Photo 071.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Wayne Hall at Paterson State College during the 1960s-
wpuSlides_0007derived.jpg.jpg1967-08Wayne Hall at Paterson State College, 1967-
wpuSlides_0221derived.jpg.jpg1962-10Wayne Hall from a distance at Paterson State College, 1962-
wpuSlides_0008derived.jpg.jpg1962-07Wayne Hall on Paterson State College campus, 1962-
srep09929.pdf.jpg2015-04-15When are Surface Plasmon Polaritons Excited in the Kretschmann-Raether Configuration?Foley, Jonathan J., IV; Gray, Stephen; Harutyunyan, Hayk; Rosenmann, Daniel; Divan, Ralu; Wiederrecht, Gary
Schorr Warner & Arias_PME08.pdf.jpg2008-07When students disagree: Engagement and understanding in an urban middle school math classSchorr, Roberta Y.; Warner, Lisa B.; Arias, Cecilia C.
12_00123-00.pdf.jpg1976-03-02Who lived in Hobart Hall?Eilers, Marlene
Photo 025.jpg.jpg1955Wightman Gymnasium at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson in the mid-1950s-
Photo 123.jpg.jpg2014-10-20William J. McKeefery, president of William Paterson College from 1973-1976-
Photo 176.jpg.jpg1981William Paterson College alumnus Tom Fleming, class of 1973, leads the pack in the 1981 Los Angeles Marathon.-
MASTER_33-00344-00-aaa.jpg.jpg1960William Paterson College business office staff-
WPUPhotos_homecoming1983Cheerleader.jpg.jpg1983A William Paterson College cheerleader in action during homecoming, 1983-
WPUPhotos_homecoming1974FootballMeeting.jpg.jpg1974The William Paterson College football team meeting during homecoming, 1974-
18_00188-00.pdf.jpg1948William Paterson College historic preservation grant -in-aid application-
WPUPhotos_homecoming1982WomensTrackTeam.jpg.jpg1982The William Paterson College women's track and field team practice during homecoming, 1982-
Yearbook_1997_300dpi_opt.pdf.jpg1997William Paterson College yearbook, 1997-
Yearbook_1971_small.pdf.jpg1971William Paterson College yearbook, 1971-
Yearbook_1972_small.pdf.jpg1972William Paterson College yearbook, 1972-