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wpuSlides_0034derived.jpg.jpg1975Sarah Byrd Askew Library curriculum materials area at William Paterson College, 1975-
wpuSlides_0003derived.jpg.jpg1975The Sarah Byrd Askew Library curriculum materials area at William Paterson College, 1975-
Hughes Scheduling Using a Web-Based Shared Calendar May 30.pdf.jpg2018-05-30Scheduling Using a Web-Based Shared Calendar: How Teamup Enhances Departmental Planning and CommunicationHughes, Sarah
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0007.jpg.jpg2015-08-17School #24 at 19th Avenue and East 22nd Street in Paterson, New Jersey, where William Paterson University was located from 1910-1950-
JELPS-Spring-2018-Fancera.pdf.jpg2018School climate and academic growth: Investigating one state’s school performance reportFancera, Samuel F.
Photo 133.jpg.jpg2014-10-20The school gospel choir performs at William Paterson College-
Photo 013.jpg.jpg1910School No. 24, on 19th Avenue and East 22nd Street, Paterson, NJ.-
Photo 070.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Science students at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson during 1950s-
Photo 167.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Science students attend a lecture at William Paterson University-
Photo 127.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Seymour C. Hyman, president of William Paterson College 1977-1985-
Photo 219.jpg.jpg2014-10-20The side entrance of the Atrium at William Paterson University-
Photo 115.jpg.jpg1970-05Sign detailing events schedule at Paterson State College following the shootings at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970-
WPUPhotos_homecoming1992FiveCheerleaders.jpg.jpg1992Six William Paterson College cheerleaders in action during homecoming, 1992.-
12_00130-00.pdf.jpg1943Sketch of the life of Garret A. Hobart, twenty-fourth vice-president of the United States and his immediate ancestorsTitus, Dorothy M.
Photo 028.jpg.jpg1940-06-10Skull and Poniard reunion banquet at Sun Dance Lodge, 1940-
wpuSlides_0033derived.jpg.jpg1975-05Special collections area in the Sarah Byrd Askew Library at William Paterson College, 1975.-
Photo 040.jpg.jpg2014-10-20The stables at New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson-
Beacon_1963-04-01.pdf.jpg1963-04-01State Beacon - April 1, 1963-
Beacon_1966-04-01.pdf.jpg1966-04-01State Beacon - April 1, 1966-
Beacon_1962-04-10.pdf.jpg1962-04-10State Beacon - April 10, 1962-