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WPU_UG_Catalog_2008-2010_small.pdf.jpg2008; 2009; 2010Undergraduate catalog, 2008-2010William Paterson University of New Jersey
acsphotonics.6b00773.pdf.jpg2017-01-24Unique Hot Carrier Distributions from Scattering-Mediated AbsorptionFoley, Jonathan J., IV; Codrington, Jason; Eldabagh, Noor; Fernando, Kimberly
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2016.pdf.jpg2016University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2012.pdf.jpg2012University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2015.pdf.jpg2015University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2011.pdf.jpg2011University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2014.pdf.jpg2014University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
AuthorsReception_Booklet_2013.pdf.jpg2013University AuthorsDavid and Lorraine Cheng Library
Using Excel and VBA with APIs to Wow Your Colleagues and Patrons.pdf.jpg2017-10-18Using Excel and VBA with APIs to wow your colleagues and patronsZeng, Hao; Klose Hrubes, Annamarie
Photo 222.jpg.jpg2002The Valley Road campus at William Paterson University-
34_00304-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Vice Preseidents who failed to reach the White House; XVII - Garret Augustus Hobart-
2_0038-00a.pdf.jpg1975-01-16A Vice-President called Paterson "home"Stuart, Mark A.; Bergen Record
wpuSlides_0179derived.jpg.jpg1958-06View from a boat rider boat ride during a 1958 Paterson State College class trip to Bear Mountain-
wpuPhotos_box3_loosePhotos_0015.jpg.jpg2015-08-10View of main entrance to Hunziker Hall on the campus of William Paterson College-
wpuSlides_0196derived.jpg.jpg1966-05View of Paterson State College campus at the foot of the water tower, 1966-
Photo 002.jpg.jpg1865View of Paterson, NJ, 1865-
wpuSlides_0091derived.jpg.jpg1966-09View of the water tower and surrounding campus at Paterson State College, 1966-
wpuSlides_0202derived.jpg.jpg1966-09View of the water tower at Paterson State College, 1966-
wpuSlides_0002derived.jpg.jpg1967View of water tower from in front of the Sarah Byrd Askew Library at Paterson State College, 1967-
wpuSlides_0074derived.jpg.jpg1965-06View of water tower, Hunziker Hall and Hunziker Wing on the campus of Paterson State College, 1965 (1 of 2)-