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Photo 044.jpg.jpg2014-10-20Hobart Manor in 1920 after four years of renovation-
13_00133-00.pdf.jpg1989-06-08Hobart manor merges old, newWiessman, Joan; Herald News
MASTER_20-00216-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor rear window-
hobartResorationStudyFloor2.pdf.jpg1989-10-05Hobart Manor restoration study : Second floor-
29_00311-00.pdf.jpg1989-04-23Hobart Manor revisitedRowley, J.R. (Herald & News)
MASTER_20-00201-00-aaa.jpg.jpg1950Hobart Manor Stable-
MASTER_20-00212-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor staircase-
29_00297-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor video script-
MASTER_20-00209-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor, east side from below-
MASTER_20-00211-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor, east side view-
MASTER_20-00215-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor, north side, through trees-
MASTER_20-00208-00-aaa.jpg.jpg1950Hobart Manor, west side-
15-00156-00.pdf.jpg1978-01-31Hobart may get faceliftMadaras, Bill; Beacon
12-00129-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Hobart, Griggs Prominent on National Scene-
3_0060-00-invert.pdf.jpg1941-01-10Hold last rites for Mrs. Hobart; Body lies in family mausoleum in Cedar LawnPaterson Evening News
7060-28080-1-PB.pdf.jpg2018How are we doing?: Using faculty feedback to assess the impact of library instruction on student workWeiner, Nancy J.; Berg, Cara
Attachment R8.R-rrPMENAWarner et al 2006.pdf.jpg2006How do changes in teacher behaviors impact the linking of representations and generalizations in students?Warner, Lisa B.; Schorr, Roberta Y.; Arias, Cecilia; Sanchez, Lina; Endaya, Frances
WarnerJMBpaper_7_17_08.pdf.jpg2008How do students' behaviors relate to the growth of their mathematical ideas?Warner, Lisa B.
Warner, Alcock, Coppolo, Dav PME 2003.pdf.jpg2003How does flexible mathematical thinking contribute to the growth of understanding?Warner, Lisa B.; Alcock, Lara J.; Coppolo, Joseph, Jr.; Davis, Gary E.
Photo 046.jpg.jpg1951Hunziker Hall under construction on the campus of New Jersey State Teachers College at Paterson in 1951-