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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-00156-00.pdf.jpg1978-01-31Hobart may get faceliftMadaras, Bill; Beacon
12-00129-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Hobart, Griggs Prominent on National Scene-
3_0060-00-invert.pdf.jpg1941-01-10Hold last rites for Mrs. Hobart; Body lies in family mausoleum in Cedar LawnPaterson Evening News
22_00230-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Information request from Mr. Terry Karschner, NJ Bureau Historic Sites-
11_00116a-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Interviews with Garret A. Hobart, IV, Peter Spiridon, Arnold Speert, and Larry Chalfin.-
18_00169-00.pdf.jpg1990-05-10Invitation to Hobart Manor fundrasing event-
34_00302-00.pdf.jpg1918-06-20Letter from A. W. Greenwood to P.R. Bugbee with G.A. Hobart autograph-
18_00173-00.pdf.jpg1990-04-30Letter from Arnold Speert to Mary Ellen Kramer, April 30, 1990-
18_00165-00.pdf.jpg1988-08-29Letter from Arnold Speert to Mr. Larry Chalfin-
13_00139-00.pdf.jpg1976-01-22Letter from David N. Poinsett to Terrance Moore-
18_00177-00a.pdf.jpg1989-09-14Letter from Dennis Santillo to Dr. Elizabeth M. Rinaldi-
18_00167-00.pdf.jpg1989-04-21Letter from Donald Lynch to Mary Ellen Kramer-
18_00176-00.pdf.jpg1988-12-22Letter from Donna Carlson to Mary Ellen Kramer-
18_00170-00.pdf.jpg1991-12-31Letter from Fidelity Bank issuing $8000 grant for Hobart Manor restoration-
19_00192-00.pdf.jpg1990-01-12Letter from Frank X. Graves to Harriette C. Hawkins, January 12, 1990-
34_00300-00.pdf.jpg1896-11-13Letter from G. A. Hobart to H.C. Van Giesen, Esq., 11/13/1896-
18_00175-00.pdf.jpg1990-04-17Letter from George M. Yuro to Moira McBride Murphy-
19_00190-00.pdf.jpg1989-01-16Letter from Gerald H. Zecker to Harriette C. Hawkins, January 16, 1989-
2_0036-00.pdf.jpg1988-09-06Letter from Gilda to WPU President Arnold Speert-
19_00198-00.pdf.jpg1979-05-10Letter from Helen D. Hamilton to Terry Karshner, May 10, 1979-