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15_00155-00.pdf.jpg1988-09Historic preservation assessment, Hobart Manor, the William Paterson College of New Jersey, Wayne, New Jersey; Appendix a: chain of titleNational Preservation Institute
2-0022-00-aai.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Historical society gets cane used by HobartPaterson Evening News
29_00293-00.pdf.jpg1979-10-30History told through hauntsHoffman, Daria
11_00111-00.pdf.jpg1948Hobart estate seen ideal as Paterson college siteNewark News
11_00122-00.pdf.jpg1949-04-06Hobart estate to make debut as college site tomorrow with meeting of future teachersPaterson News
12-00133-00-aaa.pdf.jpg1974-05-09Hobart Estate was Choice Tract of LandPaterson News
8_0092-00.pdf.jpg1963-01-12Hobart fails to capture party post; Young democrats reject grandson of republican VPHerald-News
2_0021-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Hobart family crest-
MASTER_33-00343-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart family photo-
MASTER_20-00214-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor bathroom-
MASTER_20-00213-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor ceiling over staircase-
32_00323-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor Christmas card-
MASTER_20-00210-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor fireplace-
MASTER_20-00202-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor front entrance from angle-
MASTER_32-00317-00-aaa.jpg.jpg2013-10-28Hobart Manor front view from lawn-
15_00150-00.pdf.jpg1988-09Hobart Manor historic preservation assessment chapter two: Hobart Manor historic context and associationsNational Preservation Institute
15_00153-00.pdf.jpg1988-09Hobart Manor historic preservation assessment chapter five: NPI recommendationsNational Preservation Institute
15_00152-00.pdf.jpg1988-09Hobart Manor historic preservation assessment chapter four: Preservation alternativesNational Preservation Institute
15_00151-00.pdf.jpg1988-09Hobart Manor historic preservation assessment chapter three: Historic sinificance of Hobart ManorNational Preservation Institute
13_00133-00.pdf.jpg1989-06-08Hobart manor merges old, newWiessman, Joan; Herald News