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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13_00136-00.pdf.jpg1948-08-10National Register of Historic Places inventory - nomination form-
nationalRegisterNominationForm.pdf.jpg2011-09-06National register of Historic Places inventory--nomination form-
18_00163-00.pdf.jpg1989-07-20New Jersey Historical Society Correspondence: Jeam Stappenbeck to Lee Vidala and Gerald Hill to Wilson O'Donnell-
2_0044-00.pdf.jpg1985-06-23Newspaper article with picture of President McKinley and Garret A. HobartAsbury Park Press
2-0035-00-aaa-derivative.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Newspaper photo of Garret A. Hobart statue at Paterson Courthouse.Anderson, Jack
3_0059-00.pdf.jpg1941-04NJ Historical Society v. 59 April, 1941 pp: 142-43NJ Historical Society
2-0082-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Notes from interview with Garret A. Hobart, IV-
1_0052-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28Notes on Hobart family history including Jennie Tuttle Hobart-
6_0085-00.pdf.jpg1962-10-19Obituary: Mrs. David Hand dies; Hobart's grandaughter-
12_00131-00.pdf.jpg1976-07-27Official historic site; Haledon renamed HobartBeacon
4_0070-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28One page biography of Garret A. Hobart, Jr.-
10_00101-00.pdf.jpg2013-10-28One page history of Hobart Manor-
3_0062-00small.pdf.jpg2014-01-24Open house Thursday for nursery's 75th year-
13_00140-00.pdf.jpg1976-09-06Packaging for Hobart manor plaque from National Register of Historic Places-
Hobart Manor Folder17_F copy.jpg.jpg1958-11-24Partial first floor and basement plan-
Hobart Manor Folder25_Haledon Hall AC Blueprint 1 copy.jpg.jpg1968-05-06Paterson State College, Haledon Hall: air conditioning blueprints-
Hobart Manor Folder25_Haledon Hall AC Floorplan 1 copy.jpg.jpg1968Paterson State College, Haledon Hall: air conditioning floorplans-
2_0039-00.pdf.jpg1963-11-23Paterson's Hobart died in officePaterson Evening News
MASTER_33-00333-00-aaa.jpg.jpg1990-06-16Photograph from Mark Russell benefit with portrait-
29_00313-00.pdf.jpg1890Photograph of Garret A. Hobart and home taken from bookShriner, Charles A.